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How Braces Change Your Face And Appearance

How Braces Change Your Face And Appearance

If you want to understand just how much the alignment of your teeth affects the appearance of your face, just look at before and after pictures of people who have had braces. The difference is astounding, and all because they made a subtle correction to their smile.

Part of the reason that people wear braces is to correct or prevent larger oral health problems, but an even bigger reason is that braces change the appearance of the entire face. This quick guide explains how.

Braces Change the Shape of the Face

It’s common for the human face to have a certain degree of asymmetry. But for certain people, this asymmetry is particularly pronounced, and it often starts in the mouth. Braces slowly and subtly restore symmetry so that people see your face for what it really is, and not for its one glaring flaw. Here are some common problems that braces change effectively:

  • Underbite – When you have an underbite your chin juts out making it look larger and causing what is often called a “moon face.” When the problem is corrected with the aid of braces, the overall features of the face soften, and the mouth becomes more of an appealing focal point.

  • Open Bite – An open bite is when the mouth always appears stretched, and in severe cases, it prevents the mouth from completely closing naturally. This is an especially noticeable problem that is even visible in profile because it causes the upper lip to jut out. Braces correct the underlying alignment problem and give the mouth a more natural appearance.

  • Overbite – This is one of the most common alignment issues and a source of embarrassment for many people. An overbite can cause the upper lip to jut out while causing the cheeks to look sunken. Braces change the way your jaw and teeth fit together, creating better harmony throughout the lower half of the face.

  • Crooked Teeth – Even minor issues with the alignment of the teeth can make it embarrassing to smile or laugh. Braces correct spacing and directional issues so that patients never hesitate to reveal their teeth.

Braces Encourage Healthy Teeth

In some ways, the health benefits of braces are also cosmetic benefits. For instance, after wearing braces, the teeth and gums are easier to clean effectively. That helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and a host of other issues that can make you self-conscious about your smile. Healthy teeth are attractive teeth.

Look Better With Help From The Happy Tooth

Has your appearance been compromised because of alignment issues? Do you think you would look better after wearing braces? If so, schedule a consultation today!


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