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Healthy Smiles

A Dazzling Smile Looks Healthy Donning a dazzling white smile doesn’t just show the world how healthy your teeth and gums are, your dental health also plays a significant role in how confident you feel. Have you ever had yellowing teeth or maybe a discoloured tooth or two? If so, you were probably pretty self-conscious

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Great Smile Mullingar

How Braces Change Your Face and Appearance

If you want to understand just how much the alignment of your teeth affects the appearance of your face, just look at before and after pictures of people who have had braces. The difference is astounding, and all because they made a subtle correction to their smile. Part of the reason that people wear braces

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The Best Solution For Stained Teeth

Teeth stains can have multiple causes, and because each one is different, the treatments should be as well. Here’s how to identify the cause of your discoloration and begin appropriate teeth stain removal. Intrinsic Teeth Stain Removal Intrinsic stains refer to staining of the dentin, the sensitive tissue that lies just below your enamel. This

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